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Let us take care of the food!



Corporate events,


Sporting events,

Almost anything, anywhere!

We can bring our team to you! We cater for any numbers almost anywhere!

With our experienced team of professional chefs, we can lift your party to new heights.

Whether you want us to custom design a menu to suit your occasion or stick with traditional favourites we can fit your bill.

We can even dress our mobile kitchen and our staff to suit your occasion.

Give us a shout to discuss your needs, all our details are available on our contact page.

Custom Menus

We can tailor make a menu for you, whether it's for a wine or beer pairing, or to suit a specific taste or theme. Let us come up with something special for you.

Not just Pizza!

We have an amazing mobile oven that can cook lots of other things as well as Pizzas. How does herb and citrus marinated chicken, gently cooked in a sous vide bath then roasted in our 600 degree oven to achieve the perfect crispy skin sound? Or wood fired Angus steaks? We are a team of talented and excited chefs from all over the world and can come up with exciting food to match.

Add Gelato and Coffee!

If you're looking for even more, we can team up with local Gelato and coffee masters to bring you the whole package. Gelato Roma's award winning goodness makes a great dessert and The Daily Grind makes outstanding coffee. All mobile, all top quality. 

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