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Nelson's a land of plenty!

Nestled in the top of New Zealand's South Island and boasting the longest sunshine hours of anywhere in the country. Nelson has fantastic produce on offer and Italian Pizza Garage tries it's hardest to use it.

With a vision to produce high quality Italian style cheese in Nelson, by combining the know-how of a cheese master from Italy with the most natural ingredients from New Zealand. ViaVio was born. We believe they make the best Pizza Mozzarella available so that's what we use on our pizzas.

Local markets and growers supply us with the finest sun ripened tomatoes and the freshest vegetables so we can make the most delicious pizza possible.

Great pizza is all about the base

and ours is made with love

The dough is king!

We use only the finest Italian flour for our bases, we hand raise every one of them and we treat our dough with the utmost respect. 

2 days before its needed the first job we do is look at the weather forecast! then the 4 ingredients:- Flour, water, salt and yeast, are combined, in the correct proportions to suit the temperature and humidity that we are to experience coming up to and during service. This can be a tricky job. When you're cooking in a wood oven at 500 degrees C in the middle of a field with blazing sun one minute and temperatures dropping as dusk approaches, dough management takes considerable skill.

But that's what we do and we do it with love!

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